I wish to be able to read in full the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible before I die. It has been my goal since long I can remember but have never fulfilled it. I had started more than a couple of times but my progress never lasted.

My plan is that every day, I would read a Gospel, a Reading or a Psalm. In 780 days, I would have read all the Gospels. In the next 780 days, I would have read all the First Readings. For the next 156 days more, I would have read all the Second Readings. Then, finally, for another 780 days, I would have read all the Psalms. So, that would take me 2496 days or 6 years and 10 months to be able to read the Sacred Scriptures in full.

Each time after reading a Gospel, Reading, or Psalm, I write it on this site; which allows me to read them twice. It’s good to read the Word of God more than once. Sometimes, you miss a point the first time.

So, this site is a record of my progress. Once completed, you would have an online Liturgical Missal. Simply select the liturgical season and year cycle and the week. You can also filter the results by Books of the Bible.